A Message From Bruce Horton

Dr Bruce Horton
Dr Bruce Horton

A huge thank you to all those in the Redditch constituency who voted for the Liberal Democrats in last week’s general election. As your candidate, I was very proud and honoured to stand up for liberal values across Redditch and for an open, welcoming and inclusive society.

Although we are obviously disappointed with the results nationally, there were some notable positives for us locally. Almost 3,000 people in Redditch and the surrounding villages voted to support our liberal vision for the country and constituency, more than doubling our vote from last time. I am certain that many more share this vision and can be persuaded to vote for us in the future. We need to show them what liberalism means for them and this, for me, has to be one of our key priorities for the next five years, as well as holding the conservatives to account locally and nationally.

If, like me, this election has filled you with determination to see Liberalism reassert itself at a time of growing nationalism, then I urge you to come with me as we build a strong liberal movement here in Redditch and the villages.

A very happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year to all.

Bruce Horton